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Superior drug penetration using the
Physion EMDA® system for the treatment of  Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer and of Functional  Urological Disorders



What is EMDA®

EMDA® is a device-assisted therapy that increases drug transport across biological membranes under the influence of an electric field

EMDA® is characterized by a combination of different electromolecular interactions  that  improves drug absorption from 4 to 7 times:

  • Iontophoresis

  • Electrophoresis/Electroosmosis

  • Electroporetion

The deeper drug penetration and the greater drug bioavailability result in an increased clinical effectiveness


EAU Guidelines NMIBC 2021 Options to improving efficacy of intravesical chemotherapy Device- assisted intravesical chemotherapy Electromotive Drug Administration

«The efficacy of MMC using EMDA® sequentially combined with BCG in patients with high-risk tumours has been demostrated in one small RCT (Di Stasi, 2006)» page 25


7.2.3  Combination therapy Intravesical BCG + chemotherapy vs BCG alone

«In a RCT (Di Stasi, 2006) using MMC with EMDA®, a combination of BCG and MMC with EMDA® showed an improved recurrence-free interval and reduced progression rate compared to BCG monotherapy» page 28


7.4.3 Treatment of BCG unresponsive tumours and patients with BCG intolerance

«Currently, several bladder preservations strategies are being investigated such…device assisted instillations (Racioppi, 2018)» page 31

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EMDA® versus Conventional Therapy  





With EMDA® drug concentration is increased from 4 to 7 times

Electrokinetic Phenomena  


Is the active transport of ionised drug molecules into the target tissue by the application of an electric current through the intravesical solution
containing the ions to be delivered


Is the transport of non-ionized drug molecules associated with the transport of water


Implies increasing the permeability of biological membranes under the influence of an electric field






EMDA® field of application  

Treatment Modality

  • A urogenic 16F electrode-catheter is inserted into the bladder

  • The bladder is drained to remove residual electrolytes

  • The drug solution is administered

  • Two dispersive electrodes are placed on the sides of the navel with an abundante layer of conductive gel

  • A micro-current is applied for 20 minutes

EMDA® treatment is quick, easy to use and safe


Clinical Benefits of EMDA®

  • Deeper drug penetration into the target tissue  compared to conventional therapy

  • Significant reduction in disease recurrence and/or progression

  • Significant increase in disease-free interval

  • Highly cost-effective

  • Emda® improves patients' quality of life


  • The applied electric current causes no biological damage to tissue and no chemical modification of drug

  • Drug plasma levels remain well below toxic levels

  • Well tolerated

  • Excellent safety record

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Scientific evidence:

numerous clinical trials with long term follow-up have been conducted, focused on efficacy and safety of EMDA®

Emda for non muscle invasive bladder cancer


The charts below compare the success and survival rates of patients treated with BCG only and BCG combined with EMDA® + Mitomycin

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Sequential treatment BCG/EMDA® + Mitomycin

has an excellent oncologic efficacy and is twice as efficace as the traditional therapy


A unique technology  to augment the effect of intravesical chemotherapy by creating an electric field across the bladder wall which increases urothelium’s permeability

EMDA® device-assisted drug delivery  is a viable option to offer patients than radical cystectomy, particularly in BCG failure or intolerance or when other options are not viable

  • The Physion EMDA® system has been proved excellent results in treating high-risk and intermediate-risk patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

  • EMDA® + Mitomycin treatment is an efficacy tool in the long term conservative strategy of high-risk unresponsive to BCG as a “bladder sparing” therapy.

  • Several thousand treatment cycles have been performed with complete safety following TURBT: significantly reduced recurrence and progression with increased disease-free interval.

  • EMDA® can be used with all type of Mitomycin and in sequential treatment EMDA® + Mitomycin is combined with BCG.

  • More data on EMDA® now available than any other device assisted drug delivery system available.

  • Proven deeper tissue penetration of Mytomicin with EMDA® compared to passive administration.

  • In according to EAU Guidelines 2021.

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